About Us

Mission and Commitment

We choose from Quebec’s best original fine cheeses so that Canada can discover them through cheese-merchants, specialty shops and restaurateurs.

The original fine cheese is the result of the artisan cheese-maker savoir-faire, the quality of its milk and its region thus making each cheese completely unique and authentic.

Plaisirs Gourmets has gone well beyond the conventional distribution service. Over time we have involved the artisan cheese-makers in the development of our activities; this has greatly contributed to our dynamism within the industry.

Nancy Portelance, co-owner

Lise Morissette
Account Manager and Marketing

Valérie Duchesne
Administrative Agent and Technical Support

Louis Gadreau, co-owner

Gérald Doré
Logistics Agent

Ginette Drolet
Customer Service Representative

Maxime L'Hérault
Logistics Agent

Geneviève Beauchesne
Account Manager and Special Projects

Dominique Tessier

Chantal Trudeau
Customer Service Representative

Dominique Thibault
Sales Representative

Émilie Gingras
Account Manager

Céline Lamontagne
Accounting Technician