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Au Gré des Champs



A flavour, an aroma, a unique character.

Every day, the fromagerie Au Gré des Champs transforms milk in to cheese. Transferred directly from the farm to the fromagerie, the milk is never more than 12 hours old when it is used. This ensures the milk's integrity. Add to this an artisanal method of cheesemaking and you get beautiful creations through which the Montérégie countryside fully expresses itself.

Farm Belles PrairiesFerme

The family farm is located just next to the fromagerie.

During the summer, the cows graze in the fields that are seeded with fifteen or so flowering plants. In winter they are fed dried fodder and have an enclosure to stretch their legs. This is why we can say that the milk produced carries the mark of the local landscape.

The farm uses organic farming technics. It carries Éco-Cert certification since 1995.

Number of employeesNombre d'employés
8 – 4 at the fromagerie, 4 on the farm
50 Brown Swiss cows. 30 lactating, 20 for breeding.
Our cheesesNos fromages
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Au Gré des Champs

400, rang St-Édouard
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, (Québec)
J2X 5T9
Tél : (450) 346-8732
Fax : (450) 346-9389
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