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Fromagerie du Pied-De-Vent

Gaspésie-Magdalen Islands

“Since we wanted to valorize the Magdalen Island region, we chose the “Canadian” dairy breed, a small black cow of Québec heritage. Banished from our industrial farms, this breed fit well with our objective for a production that is not based on performance.”

Hence, Jérémie Arseneau imported his “Canadian” herd. It had been several decades since there was an operating dairy farm in the region and this gave the Islands a chance to bring back their dairy tradition. The Canadian herd arrived on October 11, 1998 and the next day, the first Pied-de-Vent production was launched.

After a couple of years of hard labour, the cheese dairy was processing between 700 and 900 litres of milk daily, producing about 85 wheels of Pied-de-Vent. The Fromagerie Pied-De-Vent took on a mandate of promoting farming in the Magdalen Islands.

The cheese produced by the Fromagerie du Pied-De-Vent is made from whole milk supplied by a single dairy herd fed from the land of the Magdalen Islands with no chemical additives. The hay produced by the diversity of fodder of the Magdalen Islands, fed to the cows, provides the character of the Pied-de-Vent.

The raw milk cream from the Magdalen Islands is the basis for us.

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