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A corner of the country where the sun shines longer.

Located a few kilometres from the Ontario border, the village of Lorrainville is home to Témiscamingue's famous fromagerie.

It was here, in 1998, that Christian Barrette and Hélène Lessard first produced the cheese Cru du Clocher, a raw milk cheddar intended for the inhabitants of the region.

Today, four dairy farms supply milk to the fromagerie.


The cows' diet and the microbial qualities of the milk are behind the choice of suppliers. Four local dairy farms deliver milk to the fromagerie every two days.

The farms are: La Ferme Lunick, La Ferme J. Gauthier, La Ferme Clarital and La Ferme Fol-Espoir.

Number of employeesNombre d'employés
20 to 40 Holstein and Jersey cows per farm.
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Le Fromage au Village

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