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Handcrafting (Artisanal production)

According to the dictionary, handcrafting means “to make or fashion by hand", as opposed to industrial manufacturing.

The men and women who make the cheese presented on this site are true artisans. Their patience and know-how produces cheeses of exceptional quality that are both unique and specific to their region of origin.

Most of these cheesemakers use milk from a single herd, whose quality is strictly controlled. As such, they can be sure that the animals are happy and healthy, spending the hazy days of summer cropping the region's lush grass. Many have their own herd, which they carefully feed and care for to ensure optimal cheese production. That is why we can say that their milk, made into delicious cheeses, is truly a product of our soil. Their approach is the complete opposite of industrial production.

Some of the cheesemakers farm their land according to organic practices. Others grow flowers and fine herbs or fodder along the sea. No matter their approach, their primary goal is to produce fresh, quality milk that will give the cheese its distinctive taste.

Making cheese at Fromagerie Au gré des champs