Fromagerie le Mouton Blanc



Located just outside of Kamouraska, the Fromagerie Le Mouton Blanc began life in 2003 as a result of the efforts of a couple of passionate sheep farmers: Rachel the shepherd girl and Pascal-André the cheesemaker.

Pascal-André creates his cheeses, with rigour and skill, from raw milk in his fromagerie that is nestled at the bottom of a mountain called Monadnock.

The underground ripening cellars offer not only a unique atmosphere for the ripening process but offer a mean to reduce energy costs. Sustainable development and the reduction of its ecological footprint are important preoccupations for this small business.


At the sheep farm, Rachel looks after the flock and the milk production. The animals are fed mainly hay that comes from the fertile soil of Kamouraska. The sheep produce a very fine milk of delicate flavour and creamy texture. This richness contributes greatly to the taste and texture of the cheese.

  • Number of employees
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    500 East Friesian and Lacaune sheep.
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    176 route 230 ouest
    La Pocatière, (Québec)
    G0R 1Z0
    Tél : (418) 856-6627
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