Tips and tricks

Tips and tricks

Whether you are preparing a wine and cheese tasting, a cheese platter to end a nice meal or a cocktail hour, here are some tips that are sure to charm your guests. For an attractive cheese platter, choose cheeses of different sizes, textures, colours and shapes.

For easier service, place dry cheeses that are hard to cut at the edge of the platter. Place more crumbly cheeses in the middle and soft cheeses in the remaining spaces. One important rule to follow: leave enough space to avoid mixing flavours.

The bread you serve will depend on the cheese you have selected. Fresh, crusty baguette, country-style sourdough bread from your local baker and nut bread are excellent accompaniments. Serve different types of fresh and crusty bread or unsalted crackers.

Avoid citrus and very acid fruits that will affect the taste of the wine. Instead, serve ripe pears, prunes, raisins, dried dates and figs. Do not forget to put out different nuts, such as unshelled hazelnuts and almonds.

Black and green olives, crunchy salad leaves and chips are also a nice touch. Serve on the side.