3 tips to avoid being left only with the rind.

January 23, 2017

3 tips to avoid being left only with the rind.

A cheese enthusiast has a role

Any cheese enthusiast would agree: there’s nothing more irritating than getting back to the cheese board and note that there is only rind left to eat. There is some etiquette to observe; how to place and cut the cheeses among other things. Being such a connoisseur, you were the one chosen to prepare the cheese selection, you took the time to pick among the best cheesemakers to impress your stepfamily. LalibertéPikauba and Tomme du Kamouraska were surrounded by Menestrel and Cloche Cendrée. A nice variety of colors, flavors, textures and different types of rinds. It’s five o’clock and time for dinner and you start to bring together your cheese platter. You are thorough: no cheese goes beyond the edge of the plate, you lay out an assortment of dried fruits, nuts and jams all chosen with care. You feel both relaxed and excited. You can’t help it: you have waited for this moment to happen for a week now and there it is, your moment of glory.

A cheese tragedy

The tragedy happens around 5:20 pm. The guests weren’t even all there and there had been a massacre. The disaster had been perpetrated by a cousin: only cheese rinds are left on the platter. A crime had been committed and could not be repaired.

A cheesemaker gives you tips

Anyhow, here’s three life hacks you must learn from Léa Lehmann, cheesemaker at Fromagerie Lehmann, to prepare guests to a perfect behavior at a cheese party and to avoid another disaster.

  • You can cut the cheeses beforehand (of course!)
  • You can draw lines with the knife on the top of cheeses to suggest the slices (guests love to be told what to do, how and when)
  • Educate your guests on how cutting perfect slices adds to the experience.

Samuel Collard