Fromagerie la Suisse Normande



Our cheese introduces people to the place we are from.

Why “Suisse Normande”? Because she is from Switzerland and he is from Normandy and they both wanted to share with others their little corner of the world by way of their cheese. Suisse Normande is also a region of Normandy that resembles parts of Switzerland.

The fromagerie began its activities in 1995. Fabienne is the cheesemaker and Freddy looks after the farm. Of their five children, four want to ensure the continuity of their parents' work: Magaly at the fromagerie, Thibault on the farm, Bénédicte in the farm management and Leticia at the rural grocery store.

They make a grand variety of cheeses and this requires a good supply of goat's and cow's milk.

Suisse Normande Farm

The Suisse Normande farm supplies the goat's milk for the making of several of their cheeses. The cow's milk comes from La Ferme L'achigan next door.

  • Number of employees
    8 – 6 at the fromagerie, 2 on the farm
  • Animals
    300 Saanen and Alpine goats: 200 lactating
  • Information and address
    985, de la Rivière Nord
    St-Roch-Ouest, (Québec)
    J0K 3H0
    Tél : (450) 588-6503
    Fax : (450) 588-2302
    Courriel :
    Site internet :
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