Fromagerie Médard



A story of 6 generations.

The fromagerie owes its name to Médard, son of Élise Boulianne and Eucher Côté, a veritable legend in the agricultural history of the region.

The story begins in the 19th century when Élise takes possession of 100 acres of public land in Saint-Gédéon, Lac-Saint-Jean, given by the authorities who were able to give land to mothers and fathers of twelve or more living children. The objective: clear the forest and develop the region. The widow Boulianne and her eldest son led the way.

Norman Côté is the fifth generation of the Côté family and current owner of the  fromagerie. His daughter, Rose-Alice, the cheesemaker, is part of the sixth generation to commit itself to the family enterprise.

Ferme Domaine de la Rivière

Happy cows all year round.

Since 2017, important investments went to the stall free cattle barn that includes a huge hay dryer. From April until October, the cows go out to pasture while during the winter they are fed dry hay.

Normand Côté and Madeleine Boivin own the farm since 1986. They use only the milk from their herd of Brown Swiss cows for their cow cheese production. By joining forces with another producing family, La Fromagerie Médard is realizing its long-cherished dream of producing goat's milk cheese.

  • Number of employees
    16 – 12 at the fromagerie in summer (4 at low season), 4 on the farm
  • Animals
    100 Brown Swiss cows
  • Information and address
    10, Dequen
    Saint-Gédéon, (Québec)
    G0W 2P0
    Tél : (418) 345-2407
    Fax : (418) 345-2049
    Courriel :
    Site internet :
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