Fromagerie du Presbytère

Champayeur - Fromagerie du Presbytère
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Étiquette - Champayeur

Champayeur is a soft cheese with a bloomy rind produced according to artisanal processes and similar to certain other goat cheeses such as lactic curd. It has a smooth texture and is mild-tasting but a little chalky. Although this cheese is soft, it is not runny. Typical of cow’s milk, its flavour is refined as a result of a rind comprised of a soft blend of cream, fresh butter and mushrooms. Savour it with a cider or a crémant on ice.

Champayeur is an old French word that means a herd in the pasture.

  • Cheesemaker
    Fromagerie du Presbytère
  • Type
    Pasteurized cow milk
    Bloomy rind, soft paste
    • Age
      15 days
    • Size
      140 g
  • Dominant flavour(s)
    Buttery, Creamy
    • Fat

      24 100
    • Moisture

      53 100
  • Wine pairing
    • Frontenac gris in oak barrel from Monteregie
    • Lightly woody Chardonnay from the Okanagan Valley

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