Sir Le Couteur

Ferme Phylum

Sir Le Couteur - Ferme Phylum
Étiquette - Sir Le Couteur

This beautiful semi-soft cheese is made with raw A2 milk produced by Jersey cows. Its thin rind with slight barnyardy notes covers a soft, supple buttery and nutty paste. Sir Le Couteur can also be used as a raclette.

Born in England , Sir John Le Couteur was a pioneer in  working on the genetic selection for the Jersey Cow during the 19th century.

A2 milk is the result of a traditional genetic cow selection and not resulting from a genetic modification. Some researches tend to show that people who are lactose intolerant find A2 milk easier to digest.

  • Cheesemaker
    Ferme Phylum
  • Type
    Raw cow milk
    Washed rind, semi-soft paste
    • Age
      3 months
    • Size
      3 kg, 6 kg
  • Notes
    • Fat

      30 100
    • Moisture

      40 100
  • Wine pairing
    Full-bodied & smooth
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Nutrition Facts

Per (30g) serving size

Calories *% Daily Value
Fat g
Saturated g
Trans g
Carbohydrate g
Fibre g
Sugars g

Protein g  
Cholesterol mg
Sodium mg
Calcium %
Iron %

* 5% ou moins c'est peu, 15% ou plus c'est beaucoup