Fromagerie de l'Île-aux-Grues



An important player in the economic development of the region.

Situated 40 minutes east of Quebec City, in the middle of the St-Lawrence river, lies a 9 km long island: l’Île-aux-Grues. The fromagerie employs a good number of the island's inhabitants and plays a major role in the economic development of the region.

Today, the small cooperative counts 4 milk producers. In 1977, 14 producers were making the famous Cheddar de l’Ile-aux-Grues in the summer months only. Ten years later, they were producing all year round. It’s only in the 1990s that the fromagerie began production of fine cheeses, beginning with Mi-Carême, followed by the Riopelle de l’Isle and others.


4 dairy farms supply the fromagerie with milk.

  • Number of employees
    19 - 14 full time, 5 part time
  • Animals
    66 Brown Swiss, 160 Holstein, 30 Jersey
  • Information and address
    210, chemin du Roi
    Isle-aux-Grues, (Québec)
    Tél : (418) 248-5842
    Fax: (418) 248-5843
    Courriel :
    Site internet :
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