Au Gré des Champs

Monnoir - Au Gré des Champs
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Étiquette - Monnoir

Organic raw milk farmstead cheese certified by Bio-Écovert. Firm paste and natural rind. While ripening for more than 6 months this cheese develops a buttery smell and aromas of the cellar air. It has a hazelnut flavour with hints of caramel and a subtle roasted taste. Its beautiful rustic rind, yellow paste with little holes and unique taste make this an exceptional cheese.

*This product is only available sporadically.

  • Cheesemaker
    Au Gré des Champs
  • Type
    Organic Raw cow milk
    Natural rind, firm paste
    • Age
      6 months and more
    • Size
      7 kg
  • Dominant flavour(s)
    Caramel, Nutty
    • Fat

      39 100
    • Moisture

      29 100

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  • Selection Caseus
    Category winner – Bloomy, mixed or natural rind Bronze Caseus Winner for Best Organic Cheese See all awards

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