Cheese families

Cheese families

While it is possible to group the cheeses according to their different classifications, we must specify that the cheeses are all different based on their region, manufacturing, aging and the cheese maker know-how.

However, since we are often asked to define a cheese according to its rind or paste, we will present the types offered within our network.

Firm paste

Whether it has a crumbly paste under a natural rind, a pressed, cooked paste with a mixed rind, or a firm paste with a washed rind, this family of cheeses offers richer flavours due to the long aging period which can vary from 3 months to 6 months or more.

Alfred le Fermier
Canotier de l’Isle
Cendré de Notre-Dame
Chemin Hatley
Cloche cendrée
Coq de l'Anse
Cru du clocher crème de cassis
Fleurs d’Ail
Frère chasseur
Gré des Champs
Louis D’Or
L’Affine bouche
Mozzarella Di Bufala
Parle-moi z'en
Petit Cendré
Petits Vieux
Tomme des Demoiselles
Zacharie Cloutier